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The Guild of Fine Food is a founding patron of this not for profit organisation that is establishing a cheese qualification on four levels. The Academy has been set-up to promote cheese knowledge and provide career development, both within the industry and amongst the wider public. It culminates in the highly qualified and industry accredited role of Master of Cheese.

Join us and understand how cheese is made, get to grips with the different families of cheeses and take part in a tutored tasting that will expand your knowledge and your palate.  You’ll taste and discuss 25 cheeses and be given a wealth of cheese-related material as well as an invaluable workbook.

There are two versions of this qualification available:

Academy of Cheese Level One – London
Requirements:  no previous experience required.
A one-day course for professional and amateur enthusiasts who wish to gain the Academy of Cheese Level One certification.  You’ll cover the whole Level One syllabus, including tasting 25 different cheeses.

Academy of Cheese Level One (converter) – London
Requirements: candidate will have completed GFF Cheese Training (Retail) Programme.
If you’ve previously completed the Retail course, this one-day session will help you apply your existing knowledge and understanding to fulfil the Level One requirements.  You’ll spend half the day learning about the 25 cheeses specified by the Academy – and the other half tasting them.

Timings: TBC

Cost: Level One £175+VAT / Level One Converter £150+VAT

Venue: Guild of Fine Food / School of Fine Food, 42 Southwark Street, London SE1 1UN

For more information or to book, please contact
or call +44 (0) 1747 825200.

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